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We offer a good selection of properties for sale in Galicia, including rural traditional stone houses with land, as well as coastal properties and businesses.

Located on the far north west corner of Spain on the Atlantic coast, next to Asturias to the east and Portugal to the south, Galicia has remained for many years, a secret delight to the lucky few outside of Spain who have discovered it. Now with direct budget flights from the UK, and with new fantastic motorway links, the secret is out. With it’s many fabulous blue flag white sandy beaches, large cosmopolitan cities and a beautiful countryside dotted with traditional stone house villages,and rivers, and incredible seafood, many more people are now discovering what this once ‘hidden’ corner of Spain has to offer.

Galicia is made up of 4 provinces, which are Lugo, Coruña, Ourense and Pontevedra.

There is plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts, including Walking, canoeing, fishing, horse riding, biking, sailing, and surfing.

Galicia has it’s own language, Gallego, which is spoken throughout the region, alongside Castellano, the most widely used language of Spain.


The least populated province in Galicia, Lugo is for anyone looking for a quiet lifestyle. There are attractive historic towns such as Monteñedo, Meira. and the lovely capital city of Lugo with it’s 2 km long Roman town walls, and cathedral.

On the coast is the town of Ribadeo, with it’s good selecion of bars, restaurants, and marina. Sitting on mouth of the river Eo it has spectacular views up the river towards Castropol, and the mountains of neighbouring Asturias. Further west are the small towns of Foz and Burela, both with beautiful white sand blue flag beaches, and further west the large town of Viviero, also with stunning beaches and scenery.



A Coruña is the largest city in Galicia, and has historic maritime links with England. With a spectacular harbour, and popular huge shopping mall, Marineda City.

Coruña boasts Galicia’s most famous tourist and pilgrim destination Santiago Compestela with it’s magnificent cathedral.


Surrounded by mountains on all sides, and bordering Portugal to the west, Ourense has no coast line of it’s own. This is one of main wine producing areas of Galicia, with the beautiful and fertile Miño Valley being perfect for grape growing, this area produces many fine wines, including the popular Ribeiro.


Situated on the far western side of Spain, next to Portugal, Pontevedra generally enjoys the warmest climate of all the Galician provinces. It has long been a popular holiday destination for the Spanish and Portugese. Coastal Pontevedra probably has some of the highest property prices in Galicia, but with fabulous beaches and cosmopolitan cities such as Vigo, it’s popularity is understandable.

Getting there.

There are 3 airports in Galicia with direct flights from the UK and Ireland:

  • Santiago de Compostela Ryanair operate regular flights from Stansted.
  • A Coruña has daily flights from Heathrow with Iberia airlines and Vueling airlines.
  • Vigo in Pontevedra, is served with flights by Ryanair  from Edinburgh, and Dublin.